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Emmanuel Ayoola

24 - London

Before Christ, what was your world-world view?


I was very hedonistic. Life was all about finding pleasure and doing what gives you a "buzz". The most important things for me were having the validation from others through money, sex and power.


When did you first hear the Gospel? How did you feel about it?


I probably first heard the gospel some time in a church when I was about 10 or so, but I felt indifferent to it. I had been in loads of churches that didn't teach the gospel. At the age of 16, that was the first time that hearing the gospel led me to see my sin, recognising the punishment I deserve but then calling out to Jesus for forgiveness and was saved.

What was your biggest question before you became Christian?


"What makes life worth living?" I was looking for fulfilment in life. I didn't find it in the money, sex or influence I had and knew that no amount of it would make a damn difference.

What was the turning point in your attitude? When did it all change?


16 years old, the 6th of December 2012. I heard the gospel and from then on was changed. The main change was that I wanted to honour God and see everyone I know also commit their lives to Him and be saved. I was saved from hell, I was saved from lust, I was saved from lying, I was saved from fits of anger! I am a new man.


What changes did you see in your life, actions, attitudes, problems?


The first thing was that I cut off all the girls I was only interested in for sex. From there my language also started to be more caring and wholesome, I was more disciplined, stopped watching porn and a whole range of radical changes. I became more focused and even went on to get straight A's at A-level because of that.


How long did it take before you noticed changes?


Immediately. The very night I knew that I was saved and I was full of so much joy, zeal and freedom. I wanted everyone to know and felt like I needed to make a real effort to please God in a way I never did before.


Where are you now?


In my room in London preparing content about Jesus, working on a business so that I can have an income to support me whilst I dedicate my time to ministry. My life's mission is to make Jesus known and lead people to joy in Christ!

What is your favourite bible verse and why?


Isaiah 53:5 (I have this tattooed on my chest) because it sums up the gospel for me. Jesus died in my place so that my sin could be completely forgiven!

Advice to a non-Christian:

Whatever you value now, will be gone within 100 years time and you'll stand before a Holy God that will determine where you spend your eternity. Don't ruin yourself living for the here and now, rejecting God and then pay for it. Instead, turn to Jesus for forgiveness, and experience his love and blessing both here, and in eternity!

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