We desire 3 things:
1. Every corner of the world to be filled with worship
2. For the Gospel to be proclaimed through worship, culture and discipleship.
3. Every homeless person walking in purpose and off the streets
4. Young people encouraged and on-fire for God
The Christian Busking Project is a project run by young people for young people. The aim is to release a new sound onto our streets, in every area of the world; for both Christians and non-Christians alike, to be encouraged to worship and evangelise. We desire for London to repent and turn back to God, to live a life of righteousness and seek a relationship with God. Through our work, we aim to share the Gospel whilst feeding and supporting local communities.
We believe that London belongs to God. In fact, we believe the world belongs to God. However, many places, including the UK, don't think so.  For example, 65% of the UK disagrees with the statement that the bible has the authority to tell us what to do. This tells me that culturally, we’ve shifted from a place that was submissive to God's natural order, to a dimension in which we believe (as a culture) that self-autonomy is best.
We’re here to challenge the culture, by using scripture to justify the true and natural order of living, by setting challenges to the public, enforcing initiatives and creating campaigns that make their way into government to transform the culture we’re living in.