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Candace Williams

North London

Before Christ what was your worldview?

If I'm being honest: I don’t exactly know how I perceived the world before Christ. I gave my heart to Christ when I was really young. However, I would say I have always had a unique perspective on life that I can only attribute to Christ.


When did you first hear the Gospel? How did you feel about it?

I first heard the Gospel when I was in church. I also had monumental people in my life who really lived out lives that were transformed by the Gospel. I saw the way in which it turns lives around  and saw the beauty of its simplicity. I was inquisitive and wanted to know about Christ. 


What was your biggest question before you became a christian?

"What is the purpose of life?"


What was the turning point in your attitude? When did it all change?

When I was 18, I started to truly ask God what he wanted for my life. After initially not getting through to my University choice, I realised I have nothing to really fall back on. I was leaning on other things for my identity. Even though I had seen and experienced the miraculous ways in which God moved in my life before, I would say that this was the real turning point. At the time I was broken but I realised I had not ‘fully’ trusted in God. I had to surrender. In a season of seriously seeking God, I saw the way in which He was guiding my paths. From that moment I really thought that "this is it, my life is no longer my own."


What changes did you see in your life, actions, attitudes, problems (use specific examples).

The biggest change was constant joy. There was generally nothing that compared to being in God’s presence. Not that my exams did not matter or that other aspects of life didn’t  matter because they did, but nothing compared to spending time with God. 


I lost my exam anxiety and I lost my desire to live for myself. I stopped trying to compromise in joining in with activities that are associated with ‘worldly’ pursuits and I found content with spending time with God. 


How long did it take before you noticed changes (be honest and realistic)?

As soon as I surrendered the changes in my life were pretty immediate. Within the initial couple of weeks, I was able to hear God’s voice more audibly. There were a few unexplainable encounters where it could have only been God. I also had a greater hunger for God’s word. 


Where are you now?

I am currently finishing up my year serving in church ministry. God has also turned my university situation around, praise God! I feel as if I have a stronger understanding of who I am in Christ and I am falling in love more with the nature of God, wanting to seek him more each day.


What is your favourite bible verse and why?

“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” Psalm 73:26 . It says it all, God never fails!

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